Should a Chiropractic Clinic build their site on an LMS?

As I’m looking further into building my web presence, I’m wondering how to proceed with, which doesn’t have a hyperlink, because it’s not live yet…

It’s going to be the face of the clinic, so it needs a strong home page, and page links, but now I’m thinking, should it also be an LMS, with a whole system of courses to purchase?

I was listening in on Don Miller’s “Business Made Simple” symposium on the way to Rincon Chiropractic this morning, and he was talking about how you should make your business into its own university. You teach new hires the ropes. You pay less attention to what kind of degree they have, and give them your own curriculum as you hire them. So, I was thinking, that’s what we also do as chiropractors. We teach our patients. We teach them over and over.

So why not build the clinic’s website on a Learning Management System template and plugin on WordPress? It’s a business build within a business. New patients come in with a particular concern, and they can receive an access code to the learning materials. Outsiders are more than welcome to pay.

I like this idea, and I think I’ll execute it.


Clever Course is a theme that uses a WordPress plugin to do the LMS stuff.
Here’s a Yoga-based LMS site.

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