The Futur podcast on pricing and setting fees.

I don’t know who else needs to hear this podcast, but I’ve listened to it three times. In this podcast, Chris Do from The Futur interviews Blair Enns.

Blair Enns talks about setting yourself apart from other professionals by specializing. This is important, but nothing new. What struck me is that your fees should grow according to the risks that you are willing to take in business.

“That person is a success because he works harder.”

“No.” Responds Blair. “That person is more successful because he’s willing to take more risks.” The risk of starting your own business is way bigger than the risk you take to be an employee who clocks in every day to do their paid job. They take no risk. It’s the proprietor who started the company in the first place who took the risk, and are then enjoying the rewards.

Plus, I have to say, the typography and design of all of Chris Do’s stuff at The Futur look really great to me. The way he wireframes his footer information in his whiteboard sessions gives me the good feels.

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