Ryan Todd Lloyd, DC

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I graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 2002. Before I graduated, though, I was recognized for clinical excellence as an intern, and I was able to do a student preceptorship at an office in Sonoma, CA.

While in college I was the┬áseminar auditor for the continuing education department. As a result of that I was able to get paid to attend over 1000 hours of postgraduate classes in the field of automobile and sports injuries, worker’s compensation disability and apportionment, research reviews, various techniques and rehabilitation, neurology, and even a few practice management courses. Being exposed to these classes, gave me a perspective that made me decide that the best policy for myself as a doctor is to be patient centered.
dr_lloydBeing patient-centered as a doctor means that the patient’s needs come first. I continually seek out best practices through published research in the field of chiropractic, physical medicine, and physical therapy. When new patients see me, they receive a medical history, an orthopedic and neurological examination, a differential diagnosis, and a treatment plan that combines traditional chiropractic and our latest knowledge in the field of physical rehabilitation.

I’ve called Sonoma my home ever since then. I practice in SoMa San Francisco because I want to be around the world of tech, and as I follow tech and listen to podcasts about tech, I see it all go down in San Francisco. I use to watch Apple events being reported from the Moscone Center. To me, this is where it’s all happening. However, I’m also proud to be able to live in a scenic, rural town where all of my patients love to visit.

When I’m not seeing patients, I like to hike the bay area, and I spend time with my family. Usually these happen at the same time.


Foot and Ankle Biomechanics.

Several years ago, I worked with a high school football team with their foot and ankle biomechanics. I went in and adjusted their foot and ankles only, just to get their range of motion and symmetry set right. That season, the team had an 80% reduction of non-contact injuries. No sprained ankles.

team 2

In 2015, I did the same for the Berkeley Men’s Lacrosse team. I went in once a week while they were strength training, and I patched up their movement patterns. I got excellent feedback from them as well.

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Chiropractic for the extremities is almost as important as for the spine. When your foot and ankle moves better, with better biomechanics, then you have better ground reaction forces, better symmetry, and stronger muscles for gait. When you come to see me and I find out that you are a runner, you can be sure that I will have you kick off your shoes to get your feet moving better.