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My Core Values

I Value Education

I’ve always placed a high value on continuing my education. Even before graduating from chiropractic college, I was doing post-graduate continuing education courses. Other people have hobbies; I buy used textbooks from Amazon so I can learn more about clinical care and rehabilitation.

I Pursue Excellence

I can’t afford mediocrity, and neither can you. Because I’m always striving for better education about what I do, I’m also always looking at ways to apply what I learn. You benefit from this because you can be assured that you are receiving the latest in evidence-based care.

I follow guidelines

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, including chiropractic’s scope of practice is always being updated. There are guidelines published that recommends the right amount of care for you to maximize efficacy.

I get involved

I practice in downtown San Francisco because that’s where the the world’s thought leaders in tech work. This is the home of the disruptors. The people making changes in our world. I get involved in as many community events as I can, because I care about what happens in the world around us.

About My Process

Your clinical encounter

  • 01

    Your first visit involves a medical history and examination to gather information and to come up with a diagnosis.

  • 02

    We get down to business right away in our clinic. You will get an adjustment on the first visit if it’s indicated.

  • 03

    Together we will come up with a comprehensive plan that will allow you to meet your goals of pain relief, posture, and performance.

  • 04

    Follow up visits are done as needed, and as indicated by guidelines to bring you to your pain-free and strong and flexible state.

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