The Joint Commission now Recommends Chiropractic Therapy for Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers

Starting this month, January 2015, The Joint Commission is now recommending that doctors and administrators refer pain patients to chiropractors and other non-pharmacological therapists. In the past, when hospitals received a patient who was complaining of pain, the only approved mode of treatment that they did, according to guidelines, was to give drug-therapy. However, with […]

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Last weekend, the weekend between Christmas and New Years, Felicia and I took my son, Alexander to Point Bonita Light House. This is that lighthouse that watches guard and protects ships as the enter the Golden Gate. It’s a small lighthouse that has a new, interesting suspension bridge for pedestrians. To get there, you take […]

What does it take to get back into shape? And is it healthy to be super-lean?

This interesting infographic from Precision Nutrition shows an overview of the healthy habits that you get into when you make the change to be healthy instead of unhealthy. This graphic goes through stages from a person who is sedentary to different levels of leanness and athleticism. It shows you the general habits you need to adapt […]

What are the top 4 causes of disability in the United States?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Most people know that heart disease, stroke, and cancer are the biggest killers in America. That’s why everyone talks about sticking to a “heart-healthy” diet, whatever your way of eating may be. But did you know what the biggest ailment is for your quality of life?[/text_output][skill_bar heading=”Low Back Pain” percent=”87%” bar_text=”3181″][skill_bar heading=”Depression” percent=”83%” bar_text=”3049″][skill_bar […]