Three things you should know about chiropractic for runners

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Chiropractor

Reading Time: 2 minutesHumans are made for walking and running. And compared to other animals, we can run long distances through the mid day sun. We have endurance. Our bodies are made to run. Our feet allow it. Our ankles allow it. Our pelvic structure is there for it. But sometimes the way you function can interfere with the way you run. You … Read More

The hidden cause of knee pain that you may be overlooking.

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Chiropractor

Reading Time: 3 minutesI heard you’ve been having knee problems, and you’ve tried everything you can think of to help it out. Painkillers every day. Herbal remedies. Anti-inflammatory diet. Comfort diet. Braces. Exercises. Rest. Well, there’s another cause of your knee pain that you may be overlooking. You’re fooling yourself if you think treating your knee in isolation is going to make things … Read More

The Surprising Way To Heal Injuries Faster | Inside Fitness Magazine

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCBack, San Francisco Chiropractor

Reading Time: 1 minuteSince 90 per cent of what our brain perceives is interpreted through the visual field, it’s important that doctors do everything they can to create a positive influence on healing. A study in the journal Environment and Behavior demonstrated that by simply dimming the lights while a patient is undergoing his or her treatment, clinical results are enhanced. The published … Read More

Can you Stand on One Leg for 20 Seconds?

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Chiropractor, San Francisco Public Health

Reading Time: 1 minuteWhat if we told you that trying to stand on one leg for 20 seconds (or more) could help you gauge the health of your brain? You might think we were a bit unbalanced ourselves. But that’s exactly what a new study published in the journal Stroke suggests. Source: Quick Brain Health Test For Stroke Risk | Prevention

How a Lower Cross Syndrome in your Low Back can Cause Pain in Your SI Joint.

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCBack, San Francisco Chiropractor

Reading Time: 1 minute  A common muscle imbalance I see in my patients consists of weaknesses in the glutes and tightness in the low back. This leads to postural distortions. These postural distortions from weak and tight muscles can “gap” the sacroiliac (SI) joints, and cause pain in a part of the back that is already vulnerable and unstable. Read more here:   … Read More

Would You be a Volunteer Crash Test Dummy?

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCNeck, San Francisco Chiropractor

Reading Time: 2 minutesRoad and Track ran an interesting story where they sent one of their writers to Las Vegas to volunteer to be a crash test dummy. After trying to arrange a crash test conducted by auto manufacturers and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), who rejected their request based on ethical grounds, they finally found a group called the Collision Safety Institute (CSI). The … Read More