Get your neck looked at if you have chronic headaches.

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Last month a paper was published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics where they looked at some of the factors that make chronic migraine sufferers different than everyone else. They found that, compared to people who don’t have headaches, if you have regular migraine headaches, you will have some sort of neck problem. If you have headaches, you … Read More

What would you do if you suffered from disabling migraine pain 7 days a month for 18 years?

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People who don’t experience headaches really don’t understand the suffering you go through if you have migraines. The brain fog. The pounding sensitivity to light, noises, or smells. The pain. The lack of focus. The feeling of shutting yourself off from the world. The worry that you will lose your livelihood if you miss work. The detachment from your loved … Read More

The hidden cause of knee pain that you may be overlooking.

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I heard you’ve been having knee problems, and you’ve tried everything you can think of to help it out. Painkillers every day. Herbal remedies. Anti-inflammatory diet. Comfort diet. Braces. Exercises. Rest. Well, there’s another cause of your knee pain that you may be overlooking. You’re fooling yourself if you think treating your knee in isolation is going to make things … Read More