Is there even an ideal posture?

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCBack, Neck, San Francisco Chiropractor

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This morning, Greg Lehman’s new video is making the rounds amongst my social media channels. Greg Lehman is a biomechanist, a chiropractor, and an educator. In this video, he argues that there are certain biomechanical faults that you can safely ignore, in certain situations. And in other high-impact-heavy load situations where biomechanical positioning becomes more important.

He gives demonstrations on how amazing people are to adapt to injuries, like missing limbs, and they are able to perform at their peak despite an obvious deviation from normal.

He also talks about expectations of posture and pain. If you expect pain form a certain posture, then you probably won’t be disappointed. You sit in a position that is supposed to be bad for you, then you will meet your expectations.

This video provides an interesting point of view.


Ryan Todd Lloyd, DC

I'm a chiropractor who specializes in correcting and relieving back and neck disorders. I have found that when you increase the mobility of your spine and joints with chiropractic care and follow up with this with improving muscle coordination with targeted exercises,then improving your function will also improve your pain.