How a Lower Cross Syndrome in your Low Back can Cause Pain in Your SI Joint.

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCBack, San Francisco Chiropractor

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A common muscle imbalance I see in my patients consists of weaknesses in the glutes and tightness in the low back. This leads to postural distortions.

These postural distortions from weak and tight muscles can “gap” the sacroiliac (SI) joints, and cause pain in a part of the back that is already vulnerable and unstable.

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Source: Anatomy Angel: The Sacroiliac Joint | Dr. Dooley Noted

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DC

I'm a chiropractor who specializes in correcting and relieving back and neck disorders. I have found that when you increase the mobility of your spine and joints with chiropractic care and follow up with this with improving muscle coordination with targeted exercises,then improving your function will also improve your pain.