The Bay Area’s tech scene is the reason why I love The City

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Bay Area

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This is the reason why I love practicing in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood: The tech scene. Every day I get to rub elbows with people involved in multi-billion dollar companies as well as lean tech startups.

This morning as I was walking to the office on Howard Street, I was listening to the excellent Tim Ferriss Podcast where he was interviewing Matt Mullenweg, who is the founder of WordPress. In the passage in the video above, Matt talks about the competitive tech scene, and how it’s actually to his advantage to have software engineers all over the world as they are in high-demand in San Francisco.

It was a great podcast, and was a nice follow-up to Tim’s recent Arnold Schwarzenegger podcast.

Todd Lloyd, DC

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DC

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