Here are five reasons you need to use a rebounder.

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You might be wondering what a rebounder can do for you. I had the same question when I was looking for one last year. Purchasing my rebounder has been one of the best investments in my health. Not only to I get to start the day out with a fun workout, but I arrive at work feeling more energetic and focused.jump sport

When I was looking at what type of rebounder to buy, I was faced with multiple decisions from $30 el cheapos to the flagship bellicon, which can cost between $499.00-$1050.00. I started to research obsessively on what to buy, even going to sporting good stores to try them out. you might be familiar with the cheap ones with the metal springs, and you might even think you are safe settling for these, but you consider stepping up to something that you will enjoy more. I have found that the cheap steel spring-based mini trampolines are noisy, and, more importantly, are rough on your joints. The bellicon, which I invested my hard-earned money on, is very smooth to jump on. With its bungee cords, It’s completely silent. More importantly, it has a comfortable yet stimulating bounce to it. If paying $800 for a bellicon is a little rich for you, you could also consider a Jump Sport. I consider the Jump Sport a really good rebounder, and is a lot less expensive.

There are several different exercises that you can do on your rebounder. You are able to use hand weights while bouncing, which has helped tone my arms. You can bounce to videos, or just turn on some good music and bounce while doing jumping jacks, which can be very engaging for you. You could also get into a moment of zen as you are bouncing on it while meditating.

Here are some of the heath benefits that you will enjoy while rebounding.

Rebounding is a great full-body detox as up and down movement helps the lymphatic system detox.

When you bounce, your body’s lymphatic system is being pumped around your muscles and through your whole body. Your lymphatic system is responsible for carrying fluids from in and around your cells back into your blood. Along the way, your lymph fluid gets filtered in your lymph nodes. As a matter of fact, a lot of people report that they feel achy and they get headaches after bouncing on their rebounders for the first time. They say that is is because your body is flushing toxins through your lymph system.

You’ll have an increased immune system

That brings us to your immune system. As you flush toxins through your lymphatic system, it allows more freely flowing lymph fluid through your cells, accelerating your body’s immune attack.

You’ll see a less cellulite

As your lymph system and your muscles tone, then you’ll soon start to see that your thighs and butt are smoother.

You will notice that your overall body is more tone

And your body will start taking shape. I have noticed a lot more definition in my legs, and ever since I started bounding for fun on my bellicon, I can see my abs.

You’ll enjoy this exercise

I promise you will feel like a kid when you are “exercising” on this rebounder. How do I know? Because every time my daughter or step-son see it, they naturally want to bounce on it. You will want to too. It’s the one piece of exercise equipment that consistently gets used multiple times per day.

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