Point Bonita Lighthouse

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Public Health

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Last weekend, the weekend between Christmas and New Years, Felicia and I took my son, Alexander to Point Bonita Light House. This is that lighthouse that watches guard and protects ships as the enter the Golden Gate. It’s a small lighthouse that has a new, interesting suspension bridge for pedestrians.

To get there, you take the last or first Marin Exit, Alexander Avenue. The. You drive past all of the tourists getting their unique perspectives of the Golden Gate Bridge, and you continue your way to Point Bonita. The hike down to the lighthouse is steep, and you duck through a tunnel carved into the rock before you emerge to the lighthouse.

We didn’t get a chance to spend much time here because we were already running behind for a different obligation. But we got a couple of pictures in. Here they are.

What is your favorite light house in California?

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