New Years resolutions

Ryan Todd Lloyd, DCSan Francisco Public Health

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I’m sitting here setting up the WordPress app on my iPhone. Why? Because I have 3 resolutions to make in 2015.

1. Build my chiropractic practice here at Rincon Chiropractic in San Francisco.
2. Build my professional brand and reputation on and off-line.
3. Build my personal fitness.

No, these aren’t goals. Goals have to be measurable with a deadline. I’ll be doing goals too. I plan on setting in goals in 1-week increments. I’ll be setting up measurable targets that are attainable in weekly intervals. Something like eat a salad for breakfast every weekday this week. Or, reach a body weight of 225 as measured on the family FitBit Auria scale in the morning.

So, part of this resolution setting is to be consistent with blog posts and to make them meaningful and educational to the public at large. And, I’m sorry to say, this is a test post that I may just keep public.

Keeping this public will keep me accountable. What do you do to make yourself accountable for your own goals?

Todd Lloyd, DC
Chiropractor in San Francisco.




Ryan Todd Lloyd, DC

I'm a chiropractor who specializes in correcting and relieving back and neck disorders. I have found that when you increase the mobility of your spine and joints with chiropractic care and follow up with this with improving muscle coordination with targeted exercises,then improving your function will also improve your pain.